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State PSC Coaching

Foundation Program From Classroom

Get ahead in your State PSC exams with expert State PSC Coaching in Hyderabad from AKS IAS Academy. Prepare for success and achieve your dreams with our proven methods. Join today!



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APPSC Group 1 (Telugu Medium)

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APPSC Group 2

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APPSC Group 1 (Telugu Medium)

Get to know more about APPSC Group 1 (Telugu Medium) Courses

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Course Overview

Our State PSC Foundation Program Classroom Classes at AKS IAS Academy in Hyderabad offer a comprehensive curriculum covering the syllabus for both the APPSC Group 1 and TSPSC Group 1 exams as well as APPSC Group 2 and TSPSC Group 2 exams. In addition to the syllabus, our program focuses on skill development, mentorship, and regular assessments. With expert faculty, personalised attention, and a proven track record of success, we provide the ideal platform to kickstart your journey towards a successful career in the state public service commission.

Skill Development (1 To 1 Mentorship)

  • Skill Development Video Lectures
  • 2 Weekly Mentorship Classes In 1 To 1 Manner
  • Live Classes And Discussions every day
  • Batch Debate Every Week
  • Regular Assessment

Why Choose AKS IAS for State PSC, APPSC, TSPSC Coaching?

When it comes to preparing for State PSC, APPSC or TSPSC exams, choosing the right PSC coaching Centre can make all the difference. And that’s where AKS IAS steps in as a game-changer.

AKS IAS has established itself as one of the leading institutes for state-level exam preparation, and here’s why:

Expert Faculty

At AKS IAS, you are guided by an exceptional team of experienced faculty members who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subjects. Their expertise and teaching methods ensure that you grasp even the most complex concepts with ease.

Comprehensive Study Material

The study material provided by AKS IAS is meticulously crafted to cover every aspect of the syllabus. It is designed keeping in mind the latest examination patterns and trends so that you are well-prepared to tackle any type of question that may come your way.

Personalized Attention

Unlike other PSC Coaching Centre where students often get lost in large batches, AKS IAS believes in providing individual attention to each student. Regular doubt-clearing sessions and one-on-one interactions with mentors ensure that all your queries are addressed effectively.

Regular Mock Tests 

To assess your progress and identify areas for improvement, AKS IAS conducts regular mock tests that simulate real exam-like conditions. This helps build confidence while also giving you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

Holistic Approach

Apart from focusing solely on academics, AKS IAS emphasizes overall personality development through workshops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the Best State PSC Coaching in Hyderabad?

We have provided insightful additional factors to consider when choosing the best PSC Coaching Centre for State PSC coaching in Hyderabad. Researching the reputation of various institutes is indeed a crucial step. Institutes with a proven track record of consistently producing successful candidates are more likely to provide a high-quality learning experience.

The expertise and experience of the faculty members continue to be a significant consideration. Instructors who possess deep knowledge of the subjects and have ample experience in guiding students can provide comprehensive guidance and clarity on complex topics. Their teaching methodologies, ability to simplify difficult concepts, and dedication towards student success contribute to effective learning outcomes.

The study materials provided by the institute also play a vital role in the preparation process. Up-to-date and relevant study materials, including comprehensive notes and resources, indicate the institute’s commitment to equipping students with the necessary knowledge and understanding required for the exams.

Considering the batch size is an excellent point to ensure personalized attention from instructors. Smaller batches allow for better interaction between students and instructors, creating an environment where doubts can be addressed effectively and learning cooperation amongst peers can flourish.

Mock tests are indispensable in exam preparation, and the availability of such tests should be considered. These tests simulate the real exam environment, help students gauge their progress, identify areas of improvement, and build confidence.

Past performance records of an institute are indicative of its consistent teaching methodologies and effectiveness in helping students clear exams. Institutes with a high percentage of students clearing exams demonstrate a track record of success.

Lastly, considering location logistics such as proximity to public transportation or nearby accommodation options can contribute to a comfortable daily commute during your preparation journey.

By taking into account all these additional factors alongside the ones previously mentioned, prospective candidates can make a well-informed decision and select the best institute for State PSC coaching in Hyderabad that caters to their specific needs and maximizes their chances of success.

What is the Fee of State PSC Coaching in Hyderabad?

At AKS IAS Academy, we understand the financial burden that students may face while preparing for competitive exams. That’s why we offer flexible and affordable fee structures for our State PSC coaching in Hyderabad. Our fees vary depending on the duration of the course, but rest assured that it is competitive and reasonable compared to other coaching institutes in the city. 

We also offer discounts and scholarships to deserving students who show dedication and hard work towards their studies. Contact us for more information on our fee structure and let us help you achieve your dream career in the government sector.

How Many Candidates Are Selected in the State PSC Exam From AKS IAS in 2022?

At AKS IAS Academy, we are proud to have a consistently high success rate in the State PSC exams. In 2022 alone, we have helped a number of students achieve their dream of passing the exam and securing a position in various government departments. Our unique teaching methods, experienced faculty, and personalized attention to each student have proven to be instrumental in our students’ success. 

With AKS IAS Academy, you can trust that we will not only prepare you for the exam but also guide and support you throughout your journey towards your goal. Join us and be a part of our ever-growing list of successful candidates!

Does AKS IAS Provide Interview Preparation Guidance For State PSC?

Yes, absolutely! At AKS IAS Academy, we understand that the final interview is a crucial step in the selection process for State PSC exams. That’s why we offer comprehensive and personalized interview preparation guidance to help students ace their interviews. 

Our experienced faculty members provide mock interviews, tips and tricks to handle tricky questions, and overall grooming to ensure that our students are confident and prepared for their state PSC interviews. With AKS IAS Academy by your side, you can rest assured that you are fully equipped to excel in every stage of your State PSC exam journey.

Does AKS IAS Provide Weekend and Evening Classes for Working Professionals?

Absolutely! At AKS IAS Academy, we understand the busy schedules of working professionals who aspire to crack the prestigious Civil Services exams. That’s why we offer flexible and convenient weekend and evening classes that are specifically designed to cater to their needs. 

Our expert faculty members are available during these classes to provide personalized coaching and guidance, ensuring that our students achieve their dream of becoming civil servants while balancing their professional responsibilities. So, don’t let your work commitments hold you back from fulfilling your passion for civil services – join AKS IAS Academy today!

What will be covered in this foundation program?

NCERT Classes and Revision Notes

NCERT syllabus and texts are used to lay the primary layer of this course. UPSC exam has multiple questions based on both the old and new NCERT textbooks. The vast amount of texts we have from 6th to 12th can be daunting, and the students are provided with revision notes and key points to make the learning easier. They are also trained using various question banks and previous year NCERT question papers,

Study Materials and Test Series

Comprehensive study materials and the All India Prelims Test Series & Mains Test Series are used to test the student’s progress on a regular basis. Top-notch faculties from all over India are brought to train the students.

Current Affairs

UPSC Current Affairs form a significant sum of the UPSC course. The students are provided with updated notes about current affairs on a weekly basis. Current affairs classes are held to discuss the political, diplomatic, and economic happenings of the country as well as the world.

Personality Development

The UPSC board holds an interview to analyze the personality of the candidate to ensure their suitability for various positions. The students are trained by a team of retired civil servants, diplomats, and candidates who recently cleared the exam. The team is designed in a way to give an expert, objective and analytical review to improve the student’s performance and to develop their overall personality.

Benefits of Joining AKS IAS Academy

Choosing the right academy can make all the difference in your journey towards becoming an IAS officer. That’s why AKS IAS Academy stands out – our experienced and dedicated faculty, comprehensive study materials, and personalized attention ensure that every student gets the utmost support in their preparation. Plus, our success rate speaks for itself – with a high percentage of our students cracking the exam each year. Join AKS IAS Academy and get one step closer to your dream career as an IAS officer.

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