Population Growth

Population Growth:

Details of steps taken by the Government to stabilize population growth in last five years are given below:


Mission Parivar Vikas has been introduced for substantially increasing access to contraceptives and family planning services in 146 high fertility districts in 7 high focus states.

Expanded Contraceptive Choices: The current contraceptive basket has been expanded with inclusion of new contraceptives namely Injectable contraceptive (Antara programme) and Cent chroman (Chhaya).

Post-partum Intrauterine contraceptive device (PPIUCD) incentive scheme under which PPIUCD services are provided post-delivery.

Redesigned Contraceptive Packaging: The packaging for Condoms, OCPs and ECPs has now been improved and redesigned so as to augment the demand for these commodities.

Family Planning Media Campaign: A holistic media campaign is in place to generate contraceptive demand.

The WorldPopulation Day & fortnight (July 11 – July 24) is observed each year to boost Family Planning efforts all over the country.

Scheme for Home Delivery of contraceptives by ASHAs at doorstep of beneficiaries has been taken up.

Family Planning Logistics Management Information System (FP-LMIS) is being implemented to ensure last mile availability of FP commodities.

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